Claim Back Your PPI With A Refund Today !

Every year, millions of people in the UK are missold PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) policies but the number of people filing for claims is a lot lesser. The primary reason for this being the fact that people often assume that the process of making a PPI claim is extremely difficult and that they do not stand a chance against big banks or financial institutions if they were to file for a refund. If you are of this opinion too then it is high time to change your opinion because the process of making PPI-claims is not as hard as you think it to be! It is very easy to make a claim against one’s missold PPI policy.PPI Claims

If you have been missold a Payment Protection Insurance policy then the first thing that you need to do would be to decide how you want to make your PPI-claim. Basically there are two options here: you can either do it yourself or you can hire a professional to take care of this matter on your behalf. People who prefer to file PPI claims themselves generally do so in an attempt to save money because if they were to hire the services of UK claims companies then they need to pay their fees of course.

If you taken out a mortgage loan or purchased a credit card in the last one decade’s time then there are high chances that a PPI policy has been slipped into the documents without your knowledge. It may also happen that the policy had been missold to you by the sales staff by giving you false or incorrect information about the same. Whatever be the case, you shouldn’t feel discouraged to start making your refunds today itself! They say that one shouldn’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today, therefore making a PPI claim is very much possible today and so one should engage in the same. In case you do not feel all that confident about making such claims then you can shell out a little bit of money to hire a reputable and reliable UK claims management company.

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How Much PPI Can You Claim Back?

When you think you may have brought Payment Protection Insurance for your credit card, you might immediately think that any refund you receive will not be worth the effort of filling in a mountain of paperwork. If you were only going to receive pennies, then this might be the case, but when you are looking at the prospect of receiving thousands of pounds back and only needing to complete a few simple forms, your opinion will soon change.

The amount of PPI you receive back will depend on a number of different factors. The first is who you brought the credit card with, which high street bank sold you the insurance policy with the credit card loan. Then you are looking at some basic information that you should either know or be able to find on your monthly statements.Claim Back

How long have you had the credit card for, what are your monthly repayments and what is the maximum balance available on the credit card. If you know these three pieces of information, then you are all set to make your claim.

You can use the online PPI calculator to work out the size of your personal missold PPI claims. The payments you made for your payment protection will not appear to be vast sums of money, but even a small amount, when multiplied by the number of months and years you have held the policy for, will soon add up into thousands of pounds.

Customers have been able to reclaim thousands of pound due to missold ppi claims. The banks have already paid back millions of pound in other customer’s claims, so why would you delay.

You can find out how much you were paying every month for PPI, by looking at your itemised monthly credit card statement and finding PPI or Payment Cover listed. You will have been charged a fee for this insurance service and it will be allocated next to this item.

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